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Don’t is a 3D third person horror game based on the common fictitious warnings made by parents to their children. 

The game is fundamentally visual and narrative focused with simple third person mechanics and quick time interactions.

In Don’t, the player takes the role of Timmy, who is a young boy living in the world of parental warnings. Throughout the game, 

players will experience a deep sense of temptation driven by the “Don’t” prompts, a strong feeling of panic when the world changes around them, and an overwhelming sense of nostalgia when remembering the absurd statements they believed as children. 


Sean Dunne: Programmer 

Michael Dao: Designer, Programmer, Technical Artist 

Matthew Thomas: Programmer, QA, Sound Designer 

Sienna Wilton: 3D Artist, Sound Designer, Designer

Install instructions

Step 1: Download Zip File

Step 2: Extract file to location of choice

Step 3: Launch Don't.exe


Don't Game Download 1.01 786 MB
Don't Game Download 1.00


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This was a fun game. The lava part made me remember the floor is lava game me and my friends played as a child. Great work! 

It was a game that brought back deep nostalgia from my childhood.

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 🙏

You can get out of bounds in the shark level

Good game, although short. Congrats, guys!

Thanks again for covering our little game :)

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Wow! I really like the graphics of this game. Amazing work!

Thank you!